Docs Med Notes values superb professionalism, a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and a passion for client satisfaction. We are always looking for experienced and qualified medical coders, medical billers, medical scribes, medical transcriptionists, editors, medical sales reps and industry professionals to contribute to our fast-growing company.

About Docs Med Notes

Docs Med Notes is a medical service and software company for clinicians. Launched in 2014, Docs Med notes has over 200 employees spread out across the United States and other locations. We have over 8,000 clinicians utilizing our services and software and are recognized as a top choice for practice management. Our extensive ecosystem, battle-tested technology, and commitment to the succes of our clinicians helps practices provide efficient and patient-centered care.

Our Teams

We connect the business needs of our clinicians to our suite of practice management solutions.
We're the storytellers and responsible for sharing the benefits of our services and software.
We manage clinicians financial systems with a 95%+ pass rate.
We take care of the established principles and regulations that are applicable to our people.
We are all about the support of our people and clients by providing them knowledge.
We ensure that clinicians have timely and accurate transcriptions.
We stand by our providers throughout the life of their careers without missing a beat.
We ensure that the foundation of our software and services is always secure.

Culture & Values

A Complete Package

Compensation & Equity

Health & Wellness

Vacation & Leaves

Learning & Growth

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