This is a time of uncertainty.

It’s also a moment in time when the work we’re doing is its most critical. The only way to do our best work right now is to work well together. Taking care of each other, our community, and yourself are key to managing through this challenging time.

Today, we are all adapting to a ‘new normal'. And although this new normal may appear challenging, you are not alone. We will move forward and survive this storm together. We have the most supportive community who should be proud of themselves as well. One step at a time and we’ll safely get through this together.

Ms Riddhi Sharma
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Docs Med Notes

DMN healthcare professionals and practitioners are inspired to act. Join Us!


Each year, Docs Med Notes employees and clients raise funds for the American Cancer Society. A major effort includes the annual Run For Hope, where employees come together to honor cancer survivors, raise awareness about reducing cancer risk, and raise money to bring hope to cancer patients.


From 2018, Docs Med Notes welcomed Beacon of Hope Outreach (BOHO) of the USA as one of its national philanthropies. Through this incredible partnership, Docs Med Notes members make a difference in the lives of countless girls across the country.Docs Med Notes is proud to help young women develop a sense of being by building courage and confidence. Docs Med Notes contributes annually to BOHO's, Girls Initiative program, providing an educational scholarship to girls in underserved communities.

Learn More about the Girls Initiative program

Charitable Giving

Thank you for your interest in submitting a charitable donation request to Docs Med Notes. DMN continually strives to be a respected community partner in the neighborhoods where we do business and live by giving back to the communities we serve. Docs Med Notes also seeks partnership opportunities that will increase brand awareness and loyalty, generate revenue, communicate customer benefits and new DMN products/services, and support positive community involvement in the communities we serve.

All requests must be submitted to at least 8 weeks prior to the event for consideration. If you are applying for a charitable contribution, you must provide a valid 501c3 number for your organization and attach your IRS documentation.

Once a proposal has been submitted, an acknowledgement email will be sent to your inbox. We will review your proposal and determine if your opportunity is a strategic fit for Docs Med Notes, and will respond to all proposals within 4 weeks of submission.

We look forward to reviewing your donation request and sincerely thank you for your interest in partnering with Docs Med Notes.