Our suite of patient management tools goes beyond your typical front office software as it provides a paperless workflow for medical practitioners of all specialties, location and size. Financial transparency, simplified workflow; in addition to medical scheduling and reporting will maximize your office’s overall efficiency. Our Electronic Health Records (EHR) software will help clinicians discover a new way to help manage their patient’s health records online.

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EHR Homepage

Quickly reference & access schedules, rooming, prioritized tasks, action items & patient cards.

Task Donut

Stay focused on work volume, view outstanding & critical tasks, & stay abreast of what to do next.

Practice Management

Schedules, demographics & charges are synchronized & automatically flow bidirectionally.

Meaningful Use

Qualify for maximum reimbursement and incentives from insurance panels.


Manage requests & renewals, & Prescribe/track Schedule II-IV narcotics electronically to the patient’s pharmacy. – even from your phone.

Clinicial Decision Support

Customize healthcare plans to manage conditions based on age, sex, lab results & diagnosis.

Customizable Templates

Gain charting productivity with flexible note templates.

Immunization Reporting

A simple way to electronically & effortlessly send patient immunization information to state registries.

Cloud EHR Software

Enjoy an all-in-one, high-tech platform with HIPAA security, offsite storage & automatic data backup.

Patient Rooming

Track patient status, get wait notifications & activity metrics, while maximizing physician facetime.

CQM Reporting

Engage in any value-based care program, maximize your scores & ultimately your reimbursement.

Patient Messaging

Communicate to patients with group & personalized messages to improve relationships & revenue.

Patient Cards

Chronologically-ordered patient information of frequent tasks to access & manage charts faster.

Patient Tools

Engage patients with many self-service features that automatically sync with your medical records.

Mobile EHR iOS App

Access all your practice information on-the-go from anywhere, at anytime, in a secure environment.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Know insurance coverage prior to patient appointment with on-demand verification for on-the-spot checks and run batches.

High Priority Checkbox

Flag high priority items in notes, prescriptions, orders, results, documents, uploads & charge slips.


Take advantage of daily reports to know where you stand & stay ahead of required measures.

Physician Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to track daily tasks, appointments, priority items & staff communications.

Paperless Fax

Manage information quickly & securely by converting a manual fax process to paperless.

Patient Room Tracking

Track patient office visits & use key metrics to shorten wait times & increase both staff & facility utilization.

Quick-Look Summaries

Hover your mouse over the calendar to see patient contact information, clinical notes, and appointment type/duration.

Quick-Add Function

Find available time slots, view appointment histories, & schedule appointments in a single screen.

Reoccuring Appointments

Save time by setting a series of reoccurring appointments with adjustable time settings.

Waitlist Management

Add patients to a waitlist & set a trigger to have them automatically entered into a newly availlable timeslot.


Scheduling Snapshot

Wait notification features, peak time metrics & room status updates help you treat patients faster & distribute your staff where they’re needed most. The result is a smoother office visit experience for patients & staff, from start to finish.

Prioritized Tasks.

See your outstanding tasks in real-time, plus urgent & critical issues. As you select donuts – such as labs, refills or messages – items are prominently displayed and prioritized in a familiar “in-box” layout.

Patient Infomation.

Quickly access common charting elements with simple summaries. Patient cards are located on every screen and designed to simplify access to common charting elements.


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