Medical Billing & Coding

Join the family of clinicians who trust Docs Med Notes with their medical coding and billing needs. We are your partner in providing efficient health care by getting the tedious work done for you. We bring you professional end-to-end solutions that improve patient care, boost productivity, and increases revenue.

Software - Our billing experts can bill with your system or ours at no additional charge. The choice is yours!

Financial Visibility - Stay connected & in the know with your revenue cycle management performance reporting.

Coding - We ensure that the correct coding is reflected demonstrating quality performance measures required by many carriers for higher payments.

Collaborative Team - We promote transparency to meet the demands of your evolving needs. A dedicated support rep is assigned to your practice for easy access and question answering.

Ongoing Support - We handle unpaid claims, delayed claims, appeals, secondary filings, exclusions, and denials at no additional cost so you can focus on patient and practice growth.

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EHR - Practice Management Software

Financial transparency, simplified workflow; in addition to medical scheduling and reporting will maximize your office’s overall efficiency. Our cloud-based Electronic Health Records (E.H.R.) software will help clinicians discover a new way to help manage their patient’s health records online.
Clinical FeaturesClinician-based FeaturesPractice-based Features
Clinical Decision Support Customizable Templates Patient Cards
ePrescribing CQM Reporting Patient Messaging
MACRA & MIPS Physician Dashboard Patient Room Tracking
Immunization Reporting Quick-Look Summaries Reoccurring Appointments
Meaningful Use Mobile EHR iOS App Waitlist Management

Scheduling Snapshot - Wait notification features, peak time metrics & room status updates help you treat patients faster & distribute your staff where they’re needed most. The result is a smoother office visit experience for patients & staff, from start to finish.

Prioritized Tasks - See your outstanding tasks in real-time, plus urgent & critical issues. As you select donuts – such as labs, refills or messages – items are prominently displayed and prioritized in a familiar “in-box” layout.

Patient Information - Quickly access common charting elements with simple summaries. Patient cards are located on every screen and designed to simplify access to common charting elements.

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Medical Credentialing

Choosing Docs Med Notes is simple because our platform is built to maximize the value of your credentialing function. Our process is simple, fast, and compliant while ensuring the value of the credentialing process.


  • How is Docs Med Notes different from other credentialing services?
  • Does Docs Med Notes help with the credentialing of all healthcare professionals?
  • How long does it take to prepare my application?
  • What is the process from start to finish?
  • How long will it take to get my license?
  • How long does it take to enroll with Medicare?
  • How is The Federal Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) different from Docs Med Notes?
  • What is a CP575?
  • Do I need a service location to begin credentialing?
  • What is included in my payment?
  • What costs are not covered in my initial payment?

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Reputation Management - Patient Experience

Develop patient loyalty and recognition with tools dedicated to the patient experience.

Our reputation management software revolves around 3 specific features - messaging patients directly, setting up appointment reminders and increasing our clinician’s overall reputation. It is seamlessly integrated into the E.H.R. and the integration of all of these services under our brand will increase your patient’s satisfaction.

Appointment Reminders -Configure appointment reminders between text, email & voice to communicate in ways that patients prefer - even in Spanish.

Clinician Reputation -Emails & texts are automatically sent following a visit. Feedback is filtered based on a satisfaction score. Positive feedback is leveraged to your Google and/or Facebook profile to build a positive reputation while negative feedback (3 stars or less) is sent back to you to review and improve upon.

Patient Lists -You are able to segment your entire patient list and send specific messages to improve patient engagement.

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Appointment Dashboard - See all of your Telemedicine appointments in one dashboard calendar. Launch or end your virtual healthcare sessions with a single click.

Secure Conference Interface - Face to face conference conversations bring the personal attention of an office visit to a virtual healthcare experience.


Reach any patient regardless of geography.

The benefits of utilizing our telemedicine software are far reaching and will expand any doctor’s ability to reach any patient regardless of geography. In today’s world, faster treatments and services are paramount to all patient needs therefore it is important for all clinicians to increase their availability. Through virtual healthcare, clinicians will attract and engage patients in rural areas with our simple & integrated telehealth technology.

Fewer No-Shows and Last Minute Cancellations - Last minute cancellations and no-shows can result in major profit loss for your practice. However, telemedicine can mitigate that frustration by eliminating the majority of factors that cause them. A lack in transportation, child care issues, and the need to be at work or elsewhere no longer are an excuse. Through our secured connection, appointments can always be made.

Scheduling Flexibility & Improved Work/Life Balance - Telemedicine technology allows visits to occur virtually any time, anywhere. Your practice can extend its hours and even offer weekend visits without the need of staff or office space. Providers using telemedicine technology can travel far from home, confident that they can still provide patient care if needed.

Patient Portal - A convenient, intuitive online portal helps your patients schedule appointments, request prescription renewals, pay bills or even chat with you in real time.

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