Increase your productivity while improving the quality of your documentation process with the help of our highly trained staff. Our staff is made up of multilingual certified transcribers and over 70% have been medically trained. We can meet your varying workflow needs, all backed by a transcription platform enabled by our superb technology.

Explore medical transcription services from a team you can rely on.


What specialties do you work with?

Docs Med Notes will work with healthcare providers in any specialty. Our staff of medical transcriptionists are trained in all specialties and General Practice. Many of them have attended medical school and are certified.

I have a thick foreign accent which makes it difficult to transcribe. Can you still help me?

Yes. 90% of our transcriptionists speak a second language and your account will be matched accordingly.

My practice is very large. Can Docs Med Notes handle our volume?

Yes. Docs Med Notes works with very small to very large practices. Whether your practice has one doctor or one hundred doctors, we can handle all requests.

Do you work with all EHR systems?

Yes. We work with all EHR/EMR systems.

How are transcription files sent and received?

Dictations are retrieved from our secured HIPAA compliant FTP server by the account manager and assigned to the designated Tier-1 transcriptionist that has been assigned to your account. Once your file is transcribed, it is uploaded back onto the server for you to retrieve. You also have the option of your file being uploaded directly into your EHR system via a dedicated log-in provided by you.

What options do I have for transcription formats?

A range of formats will be suggested to you OR we can follow your current template.

Will my files be proofread before being sent back to me?

Completed files are submitted for proof-reading and then submitted to the Quality Team. Feedback on changes/corrections are sent to the Teir-1 team for further review. Finally, completed transcripts are sent to the account manager who will further review that correct templates are used before submitting them back to you.

Do you accept handwritten reports?

Yes. We work with many doctors who do not utilize a recorder. We will still complete the progress note utilizing your desired format.

What is your turnaround time?

Transcriptions are always completed within 24 hours. Longer or shorter turnaround times can be requested.

Can our reports be edited after we recieve them?

Yes. Simply submit the desired changes with the file.

What is the dictation process?

Clinicians can hand write their notes, use a voice recorder, or utilize our convenient smart phone app.

What is your process for new clients?

Once you are ready to get started, simply get in touch with us and a dedicated account manager will guide you through the rest of our onboarding process. Docs Med Notes will work with your existing workflow in order to create a custom solution for your needs.

Are there any setup fees, registration fees or monthly minimums?

There are no monthly minimums, registration fees, or setup fees to worry about. Our fees are one of the lowest in the market and are based per transcription line.

Our transcription staff have been with us for years. We do not want to get rid of them but would like some assistance. Can you help augment our staff?

We are more than willing to cover any gaps in the work your staff does. We can be the solution for the heavier days, or we can cover vacation/sick days. Your need for our service can be flexible.


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